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Emergency Eye Care Available at Arc Eye Care

Our eyes are incredibly fragile, so even a seemingly insignificant bump or scratch could have serious consequences for your eye health and vision.

If you or someone you know is currently experiencing an eye emergency, Arc Eye Care is here to help. Call our office right away at (XXX) XXX – XXXX. If our office is closed, please proceed to the nearest emergency room.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

If you are currently experiencing any of the following symptoms, you should seek immediate medical attention:

  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Eye pain
  • Sudden onset of flashes or floaters
  • Something lodged in your eye
  • Swelling in or around your eye
  • Significant ocular discharge
  • A scratch on your eye (corneal abrasion)

You should also seek immediate medical attention if you get any harmful chemicals either in or around your eye.

Common Eye Emergencies & First Aid Strategies

Some eye emergencies happen more frequently than others. If you or someone you know is currently experiencing one of the following common eye emergencies, you should use the suggested first aid strategy and then seek professional medical attention.

Chemical contact can permanently compromise your vision. If you get any harmful chemicals either in or around your eyes, you should flush your eyes immediately with cool, clean water for at least 15 minutes.

Even if you begin to feel better before the full 15 minutes is up, continue to flush your eyes. This ensures that any chemicals left in or around your eyes are diluted and washed away.

Once you have finished flushing your eyes for the full 15 minutes, you should seek professional medical attention.

Your cornea is the thin, transparent membrane that covers your iris and pupil. It’s incredibly delicate, so even a light bump or a small scratch can cause serious damage and leave your eye vulnerable to infection.

If you are experiencing a corneal abrasion, don’t rub your eye. If there is any debris trapped in your eye, rubbing it could shift it around, causing further damage.

If there is something trapped between your eye and your eyelid, you may be able to remove it by flushing your eye with cool, clean water. Even if you’re able to dislodge the object, still seek professional medical attention.

Something Trapped Between Your Eye and Eyelid

Don’t rub your eye. Rubbing your eye could move the object around and cause even more damage. You may be able to dislodge the object by flushing your eye thoroughly with cool, clean water. Even if you’re able to remove the object on your own, you should still seek professional medical attention.

Something Embedded in Your Eye

Don’t rub your eye or attempt to remove the object using your fingers or a pair of tweezers, as this may cause even more damage. Leave the object alone and seek professional medical attention immediately.

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To serve you better, we are open late on Mondays – Fridays until 7:00 pm. We also offer Saturday appointments.

We direct bill to most insurance companies, contact us to find out more.

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